Candied Ginger

I absolutely love versatile recipes. Especially when there is no waste rendered, and you can use different elements for different dishes. I decided to make candied ginger, predominantly because I needed something to do with my ginger, and secondly because I was making a dessert that would benefit with a touch of homemade candy.

I weighed approximately 1.5 pounds of ginger and place it in a pot of boiling water. You have to boil the ginger for 45-minutes to an hour, making sure that water is PUNGENT and the ginger deepens in color.

After an hour, get ready to prepare 1.5 pounds of sugar. Remember, the ratio is always 1:1 here for ginger to sugar - so that should be straightforward to remember! If you don't have a scale, I would go with about .5 cup ginger roughly chopped, and .5 cup of sugar.

Drain out the ginger, being sure to reserve 1/4 cup of the ginger broth from the previous boil and pour that back into the pan. Put the heat back on and add the sugar in and mix thoroughly. For another 25-30 minutes, watch the pot as the ginger crystallizes and the syrup forms.

Finally, once this is all complete, drain out the ginger and toss in a bowl of additional sugar to give it a nice coating. Leave on a cooling rack to let cool. Keep the syrup and use for tea or for a cocktail of your choice!

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