Homemade Falafel & Tahini Sauce

Updated: Apr 26

My favorite part about making falafels at home is that you can get as creative about them as you want - you can bake them, pan fry them, or deep fry them for a little fun. You can eat them in a pita or on top of a homemade salad. And most importantly of all - you can make that tahini sauce exactly to your taste.

My first little secret is before you add the chickpeas in, blend together the onions, garlic, and greens and add in all the spices in a food processor. This creates a good level of moisture that makes blending the chickpeas much easier, since the chickpeas can be pretty dry!

Once you add in the chickpeas you'll get a mixture that looks like what you see in the bowl. You can add flour at this point and mix it through, so that it makes for a crispy falafel! GF alternatives works equivalently well here.

Form patties with your hands just like this and get your oil ready for frying!

And finally, you'll end up with these golden, crispy, beautiful falafels that are ready to be plated and served. I suggest eating these right away rather than storing them, because they are so crispy, warm and flavorful!

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